As a Carleton University student, I am beyond embarassed and frankly, pissed off by the arguments being put forward by the administration in response to the sexual assault incident that happened a couple years ago.

To argue that “the victim was herself negligent by failing to keep a “proper lookout” for her own safety and failing to register with Department of University Safety as a student working late” is a total insult to the pain and suffering that the victim had to experience.

Sexual assault remains one of the most under-reported crimes and one of the main reasons for this is due to the misogynistic ideologies that lead to the blaming of the victim and her being further attacked by the system.

What kind of message is the university trying to send to its students especially those who may have or will have the unfortunate experience of being a victim of sexual assault?

Am I to be blamed for being raped because I happened to NOT use the safe path at night? Or even during the day?

Am to be blamed for being assaulted because I had to stay at school late to finish my three 25 page papers as the due date was fast approaching?

Give me a break Carleton!


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