Men: Some Dos and Don’ts…..take up your role!

1. When a woman is walking down the street on the same side as you, move to the other side- respect her conglomerate!

2. As you know women’s bodies are absolutely beautiful and since it’s her prerogative, she may choose to display her beauty and at other times, she may refrain. Men, instead of staring and gawking, put ur damn head down to the ground or stare into blank space. Did u not hear me earlier- respect her conglomerate!

3. When you’re in a moment of passion where all you could think about is commemorating the situation by reaching ur peak but the woman says no. NO MEANS NO! So don’t make the callous mistake of thinking you can use the following excuses: I couldn’t stop myself; she didn’t seem as though she meant no (it was consensual). Instead respect her conglomerate and instead pinch your damn penis if it means u’ll get the point and lose ur sometimes undeserving hard-on!


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