So sad to be missing this art exhibit at home. But gorgeous pieces filled with so many words, thoughts and worlds.

Groundation Grenada

Multiple consciousnesses, one artist. That’s the theme for WOMA co-curator Stacey Byer’s solo art exhibition Polyphrenia, which ends this Saturday 8th December, explores communities of the mind using painting, illustration, and mixed media.The exhibition features some 40 works on Grenadian life, women and the environment, subverting Caribbean imagery, and the magic of childhood.

Byer says “My work is inspired by all things Grenadian and Caribbean, and I work on several pieces all at once. I hope stepping into this show will be a bit like stepping into my mind: emotional, frenetic, colourful, innovative, surprising and challenging.”

Stacey Byer is a Grenadian painter and illustrator. She earned her B.F.A. at Ringling College of Art and Design, and counts Soutine and De Kooning amongst her strongest influences.  Stacey’s work can be found in various art collections worldwide.   Her current interests include exploring art’s wider links with education, art therapy and society, specifically for…

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