Thank you Richie and any other male identified person(s) for challenging misogyny, sexism and patriarchy! Hopefully we’ll see more of this on our beautiful spice isle.

Groundation Grenada

:: by Richie Maitland ::

On Monday December 10th 2012, a Candle Light Vigil organized by The Grenada National Organization of Women in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development, was held on the Carenage to raise awareness and support around issues of gender based violence in Grenada. The initiative was given full support by Groundation Grenada and was advertised on our blog.

Imagine my shock when two persons, one, Kennedy Jawahir writing in a local newspaper, and the other ‘Mansah’, writing on The Spiceislander Talkshop, wrote two scathing individual diatribes, admonishing the women’s movement in Grenada for their initiative, warning against feminism, and in one case, harshly criticising the vigil itself.

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